munro programs art in new music video

Artificial intelligence has progressed to the point where it is able to generate art and mimic creativity. New Zealander and producer munro likely saw this technology as an opportunity to elaborate on his artistic intuitions. Made with StableFusion, his latest video ‘About You’ is a modern splash of Monet.

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Like good fine art, the piece allows viewers the freedom to feel without having to fight to understand a forced plot. Rather, it leaves room for a variety of perspectives. “I’ve always loved the idea that art exists in this ambiguous space of negotiated interpretations,” he says.

People’s faces come in various shapes and personalities, each one with its own hardwon creases and scars. munro’s video captures these, that is, the essence of their individuality. Further, it illustrates the fleeting nature of things: a train speeds passed, and red poppies blossom, alive with the creative spirit.

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