Leyya releases stirring sophomore album ‘Sauna’

Leyya have just premiered their glistening, highly anticipated new album titled Sauna via Pigeons and Planes, and released today via Las Vegas Records and +1 Records. The Austrian Indie-pop duo has enjoyed immense success with their most recent single – Drumsolowhich premiered on Noisey, with the video and live video premiering on Pigeons and Planes, as well as receiving continuous support from BBC Radio 6 Music’s Lauren Laverne.

Watch the beautifully artistic video for Leyya’s ‘Drumsolo’ below

Watch the vibrantly cinematic video for Leyya’s ‘Heat’ below 

Leyya’s sophomore album Sauna is a stirringly kaleidoscopic journey through astral planes; the album’s opener and title track begins with a mysterious spoken sample before erupting into an energetic burst of resonant passion. ‘Candy’ is a dub-esque, down tempo delight featuring laid back percussion and playful basslines, while ‘In Your Head’ kicks off with Sophie Lindinger’s hauntingly charming vocal work before exploding into a post-rock inspired whirlwind of distorted guitars and crashing drums. ‘Heat’ is an upbeat, lifting track showcasing the band’s sophisticated song-writing ability. Nearing to a close, ‘We Did OK’ could be Sauna’s ballad; serene, heartfelt vocal work, slow, deep basslines and solidly concise drums and percussion performed by Marco Kleebauer.

On the 31st of January, Sauna will undergo a Spotify Homepage Takeover, where for 24 hours, the new album will be presented and available to users within the entire GSA region.

Stream Leyya’s sophomore album Sauna in it’s entirety via Spotify

“We developed a rougher and more playful sound on Sauna and we focused on instruments and sounds from all over the world, combining them with our way of making music, the vocals and the beat received a spot in the foreground for a more intimate feeling and what was very important to us in the songwriting process was to have different layers so that everyone can find their ‘space’ in that song. You can listen to it as a ‘simple’ pop-song…but you can also dive a little deeper and realise that there is more than that”. – Leyya, on the new record

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(Image credit: Ella Kronberger)

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