Lawsuit filed against Moog for workplace harassment and misogyny

Image by Alex Kacha

A lawsuit has been filed against Moog, one of the world’s foremost creators of synthesisers, citing workplace discrimination. The allegations include both verbal and physical abuse, and misogyny. The suit is filed by former Moog employee Hannah Green, who is suing the company for more than $1million.

According to a report in The Asherville Blade, Green had worked for the iconic company from 2018 as a sales assistant and personal assistant to Moog’s head of sales. However, she was soon given tasks suited for a full-time role such as managing upwards of 20 accounts by herself. She was not afforded a title change or pay raise, despite request. Green also laid allegations that she had been verbally and physically harassed by a male colleague at a company event, and referred to Moog as “a boys club” where she was forced to deal with inappropriate comments and misogynistic behaviour. 

Green initially filed a charge against Moog in April 2020, via The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and on the basis of being “discriminated against and harassed based on her gender (female) by her supervisors and co-workers.” She also expressed her grievances in an email to Moog’s president, Mike Adams. Her position at the company was dissolved shortly after. 

Moog responded to the claims made by Green and the lawsuit. In a statement, a spokesperson from the company said: 

“Given the matter is subject to pending litigation, we can only comment on some of the facts. First, this former employee filed a charge of discrimination with the U.S. Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC), and the EEOC subsequently investigated and dismissed the claim. Second, Moog Music conducted its own internal investigation and found that the allegations of the accuser regarding discrimination and retaliation to be unsubstantiated.”

The statement continued to explain that Moog is committed to creating safe workspaces for all employees, and that they hold a stance as allies against workplace discrimination particularly on the basis of gender. 

You can read the full report from The Asherville Blade here.