Lakosa and Rick Grant release ‘Static/ Temptations’

London-based label Tender Hooks have recently brought forward their second release of the year as Lakosa and Rick Grant deliver ‘Static/ Temptations’. The release is an exercise in eyes-down, low-end 2-step focused techno. The collaboration has seen the pair creating some incredibly club-worthy house and techno for almost three years now, and we’re glad this relationship hasn’t ended.
The portfolio of Brummy-born Londoner Lakosa is more than impressive as he has been releasing garage drenched house and techno on noteworthy labels like 2nd Drop and Kerri Chandler’s Madtech. His partner in crime, Rick Grant, has a catalogue of work thats just as impressive. The techno driven Londoner is one third of TAKE records and has released material on George Fitzgerald’s Manmakemusic. Together they have made some incredibly dark and moody sounds which slot fittingly into the early hour sets. Possibly the most significant work the pair have released is the 2013 release, ‘Core/ Tambourine’, on 2nd Drop which boasts a ruminating hint of house spliced with heavy techno characteristics.
For Tender Hook’s second release of 2014 the duo revisit their lo-fi, dark and moody tendencies. The first, ‘Static’, is the less moody of the two with an appreciation for more distant and thought provoking sounds. It’s a solid techno-meets-2-step track with progressive, building synth stabs. Although it is a slow burner the track is tied together by an unfolding arppegiated bass- sure to pick up a lot of notification within DJ circuits.

‘Temptations’ is definitely the darker of the two and stands out as a more deep-seated techno experience. There is a lot more going on in the track and is possibly better suited for those ‘through-and-through’ techno heads who spend the night, eyes down, at the back of the club. Industrial sounds meet a four-to-the-floor beat and distant shimmering effects. We are also greeted, occasionally, by the far-flung murmur of an ethereal vocal melody.
Known better for his work under the James Fox moniker, Severn Beach offers a rough-around-the-edges, jackhammer remix of ‘Temptations’. This is accompanied by a housier down-tempo take by Stockholm based Kornel Kovacs.

Tender Hooks plan to officially release the single on Monday 27th January.

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