Downtempo trio GIVVEN show true colours with latest EP

Downtempo pop trio GIVVEN have recently released their latest EP, Losing Colours which was written and recorded around the globe and features three cinematic videos filmed in Iceland. Earlier this month, we sat down for an exclusive interview with the band, in which we discussed the title track of the EP and we were found some insight into the international recording process.   

More recently, however, the war in Ukraine caught the attention of the band who pledged their March Bandcamp earnings to the effort. The trio announced on Instagram: “We stand in solidarity with the people in Ukraine. We also stand in solidarity with the anti-war protestors in Russia who stand up for democracy, human rights and peace. When the news of the Russian invasion of Ukraine reached us, we – as surely most of you – were totally shocked and deeply saddened. We used the last few days to follow the media, to inform ourselves and to listen. It was immediately clear for us, that we need to help! For the month of March we are going to donate 100% of our proceeds from Bandcamp to organizations that are helping in Ukraine.”

Stream/ download: Losing Colours EP

While there are only a few hours left of March, we thoroughly recommend heading over to Bandcamp to support both GIVVEN and their philanthropist efforts. The EP opens with the title track which apparently took months to perfect but reflects the meticulously crafted work of the band. Next, we’re introduced to ‘Taking On Water’  which carries the melancholic notes of a love story coming to a quietly unfortunate end. Finally, as always, ‘Doubts’ creep into the equation and unfurl themselves in the mind with the organic and synthetic elements entwining into a new mould. The band say it best when they tell us: “The music video for ‘Doubts’ is a smokey, magma-infused art piece showcasing a dancer battling with her inner demons amidst an active volcano and dark, steaming lava fields looming ominously in the background of every shot.”

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By Sarah Britton