Interview: Get to know Harvey McKay

We recently sat down with Scottish producer and DJ, Harvey McKay. Read on for his influences, his music, and much more!

Thanks a million for interviewing with The Playground. What expectations do you have for your EP Dropout?

It’s a bit different for me as it’s a bit on the heavier side, similar to how I end my sets so I thought I would reflect that in this release which I haven’t really done before.

Where did you draw your inspiration for this EP?

As I mentioned before its influenced from where I end up in my sets, the longer I play the heavier I seem to play, so the influence stems from there really.

Dropout features two tracks [Dropout and Terma], what separates and unites the tracks sonically?

They both do very different jobs and maybe appeal to different people but they’re both heavy energy based tracks. I love them both in different ways and they do the damage by different routes.

What key pieces of mixing gear did you use to make this EP?

Nothing fancy really, just years of getting to know your ears and the frequencies and how to give everything its own space and dynamically sitting right without using loads of compression to create that, I hardly use any dynamic vst tools at all.

This is your third EP with Intec, what’s the artistic symbiosis like when working with Carl Cox and Jon Rundell?

Yea, good bunch of lads to work with and great to be part of something that Carl Cox has been doing for so many years.

You’ve previously worked with Octopus, Drumcode, and Cocoon etc. Have you ever been inclined to sound a certain way or change your musical aesthetic when working with different labels?

I am always a believer in sitting down and being creative, not to be restrictive to fit some label, then there might be some great music that never gets the chance to get out because it doesn’t fit the label perimeters. That’s not really what we’re all in this for, well I’m not!!

Where are you most at home in the studio or playing live set?

A healthy mixture of both. Sometimes you need a break from touring, all the late nights/flights can be very very physically and mentally draining. But give it a week or so and you’re dying too get back out there and try out new music.

Who are you listening to currently?

Lots of old skool random instrumental Hip Hop.

What are the five albums of all time that have influenced you?

1. Dark side of the Moon – Pink Floyd
2. LA Woman – Doors
3 Thriller – MJ
4. Sergeant Pepper – Beatles
5. Ready To Die – Biggie

Lastly what lies ahead for 2016?

Tons of new music and show everyone what else I can do!!!! 😛

Written by Hanna Duggal

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