IDM producer Bastian Benjamin has released experimental music video ‘Concrete’

Dutch music producer Bastian Benjamin has released his riveting music video for his latest single ‘Concrete’, with creative direction from Bastian himself. Beginning his musical career at the age of eighteen years with his debut single ‘Come Close’, now 21-year-old Bastian has announced that he will be releasing his album Two Truths on the 4th of December via Passage. ‘Concrete’ features on the new album, and speaks on introspection and the social dilemmas of the 21st century. 

Bastian Benjamin elaborates on the meaning behind the video release, “This is my third video clip, and definitely my biggest one yet. I’ve always wanted to create videos, as well as music. Making videos always made me a little bit scared because I have no experience and/or knowledge about directing. It’s crazy to see how much you can achieve when you just start somewhere and see where the ship will take you.”

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Image credit: Sander Coers

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