Vimeo Roundup: 10 Refreshing Animated Shorts With Immersive Sound

By Jenna Dreisenstock

Vimeo is a platform filled with inspiration for every creative alike – from short films to music videos and trailers, the sheer total of excellent films gracing Vimeo is unlike any other streaming services. With a space for filmmakers, especially independent filmmakers to showcase their work, there are so many fantastic artworks that find one hooked for hours as we browse the site.

With many of these films come brilliant soundtracks / scores, as well as incredible compositions when it comes to sound design. We’ve curated some of our favourite recently discovered films, whose use of sound design and music is incredibly captivating and is an essential part of every narrative. On top of that, in this roundup we’ve decided to focus on outstanding animated features that have truly caught our attention.

Below are 10 animated short films discovery via Vimeo, in no particular order!

Alex Moy – ‘Idle, Torrent’

Director & Animator: Alex Moy

FJAAK – ‘Snow

Director & Animator: Raman Djafari

Klaus Alman – ‘Plastic Dreams

Director: Klaus Alman

Bullpen – ‘Shimo

Director: Bullpen

Max Möertl – ‘ISLAND

Director(s): Max Möertl & Robert Löbel

Alex Goddard – ‘Absence

Director: Alex Goddard

Merijn Hos – ‘Down The Rabbit Hole

Director: Merijn Hos | Hugo & Marie Studio

Xue Enge – ‘CUBED

Director: Xue Enge

Valere Amirault – ‘ALMA

Director(s): Valere Amirault & Lili Des Bellons


DirectorRaphaël Bluzet

What are your favourite animated features you’ve discovered via Vimeo?

Let us know your thoughts!

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