Ultra Music Festival Cancelled Due To Fear Over Coronavirus Spread

Due to the concern over the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, Ultra Music Festival in Miami is set to be postponed until 2021

As the spread of the virus COVID-19, also known as the novel coronavirus continues to spread throughout the globe; with cases slowing in China, but now spreading rapidly within other countries – festivals, concerts and large public events in general are taking a huge hit as governments are working to delay and contain the spread of the virus, which spreads from one person to another via close contact similarly to influenza.

Lockdowns and mass cancellations of events across Asian countries have already been a blow to the electronic music community – with public health and safety the main concern, rightly so – now other countries, are now following suit in the midst of the outbreak: with areas such as Northern Italy shutting the doors to venues with towns on lockdown.

According to a report from the Miami Herald, city officials have agreed to postpone the beloved Ultra Music Festival, one of the most celebrated electronic music festivals taking place annually in Miami, Florida due to concerns over the spread of the coronavirus; much to the dismay of the entire electronic music realm.

The festival is likely to be postponed until 2021, effectively cancelling the three-day event this year: the first time Ultra will not be taking place in Miami in the 21 years that make up the festival’s history. The event was set to take place from March 20th – 22nd.

Ultra Music Festival has not yet released an official response, yet it has been reported a formal statement will be made tomorrow March 6th, 2020.

The cancellation has been met with both support and criticism; with support focusing on taking as many measures as possible to delay the spread of the virus – with Ultra Music Festival boasting an estimated 55,000 people each day which could pose a huge threat to public health and safety: including worries about attendees flying into Miami. Criticism has stemmed from the cancellation as massive uncertainty surrounds the entire Miami Music Week, and whether the other events scheduled to occur will be cancelled in the wake of this announcement.

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