Ticketmaster faces lawsuit over inflated cost of Drake tickets

Ticketmaster is facing a class action lawsuit over allegedly overcharging customers for Drake tickets, Pitchfork reports. According to the Toronto Star, the legal action was filed by Canadian law firm LPC Avocat, which claims the ticketing giant “intentionally misleads consumers for [its] own financial gain”. It alleges Ticketmaster knew about a an extra concert set for 15 July in advance of selling tickets for 14 July, and that the “Official Platinum” seats were sold “at an artificially inflated premium in bad faith”.

The complaint alleges that after a Montreal man paid $789.54 for two tickets, a new show was added with the same seats available for about $350 less. Plaintiffs are seeking “compensatory damages in the aggregate amount of the difference between the prices charged for ‘Official Platinum’ tickets and what their regular price ought to have been,” according to the complaint. They also seek $300 per customer in punitive damages.

Ticketmaster has faced multiple lawsuits over fraud, price-fixing and anti competitive behaviour and a congressional hearing and antitrust investigation for abuse of power. The company has also faced criticism from Taylor Swift, The Cure, Neil Young and others for misusing its monopoly in the ticketing industry.