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Q+A: 5 Minutes with Psycho & Plastic

German duo Psycho & Plastic have recently released their latest intricate ambient single, ‘Back And Forth’ which reflects the delicate dance of conflicting interest. The single is the second to be revealed of their upcoming album, Phantom Bliss which is slated for release later this year via GiveUsYourGold. The pair

Now, it’s clear that we’re slightly obsessed with French producers and the unique music they can create which is why we were particularly intrigued when we learnt about Antoine Chambe, the producer who manages to combine French-touch with American pop elements, resulting in something akin to synthwave. His latest single,

What is it that makes a game great? Is it the gameplay, the truly immersive storyline or the small side quests and Easter eggs? Perhaps it’s all of the above but it’s difficult to deny the true importance of an epic soundtrack to accompany the game. Few know it better

As seasons come and go and trends in the music industry change, we believe one thing remains the same: lo-fi music is where it’s at. Take rocomoco, for instance: the Berlin-based duo who are easing souls around the world with their latest single, ‘Grooveshop’ with the Danish producer Hoffy Beats

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