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Barricade Collapse Injures Two Dozen at Bumbershoot Music Festival

Safety at music festivals is a highly discussed topic amongst festival goers and organisers, and for obvious reasons. With the incredible opportunities festivals bring for all music lovers, unfortunately there are bound to be accidents when thousands of people (with access to alcohol and more often than not illicit drugs)

Interview by Shannon Lawlor are an overwhelmingly-atmospheric three piece instrumental-rock band currently based in Seattle, Washington. Since 2005, have been a driving force in the underground indie and post-rock scenes, and to date, the band have released numerous EPs, including the wonderfully blistering Harmonic Motion Vol.1 (Split EP

Interview by Shannon Lawlor Jeff McIlwain aka Lusine is an experimental electronic artist currently residing in Seattle, USA. Originally a Texas native and Cal Arts post-graduate, Lusine has been releasing music since the late ‘90s with numerous collaborations, films scores, remixes, EPs and nearly a dozen full length albums, including

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