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Barricade Collapse Injures Two Dozen at Bumbershoot Music Festival

Safety at music festivals is a highly discussed topic amongst festival goers and organisers, and for obvious reasons. With the incredible opportunities festivals bring for all music lovers, unfortunately there are bound to be accidents when thousands of people (with access to alcohol and more often than not illicit drugs)

Written by Jenna Dreisenstock Within our turbulent political climate, it’s beautifully refreshing to see so many music venues and organisers adhering to their obligations as they work toward making their spaces safe for all. Unfortunately, this cannot be stated overall – however the growth of organizers evolving and taking full

Written by Jenna Dreisenstock Image Credit: Unknown (Please, let us know if you recognise the image so we can add in the credit!) Not long ago, I briefly spoke about the importance of critically examining how we all, as music lovers, need to make sure we create inclusive spaces for

Written by Jenna Dreisenstock Firstly, let me begin this article with a simple disclaimer: this type of action to protect womxn and assist them in protecting themselves shouldn’t be necessary – what’s most important for creating safe spaces for womxn is changing perspectives, societal norms and breaking down misogyny –

Written by Maya-Rose Torrão “The sight of ear plugs being worn across a crowd at an Elrow party or Amnesia in Ibiza may be a long time away, but with this campaign, the steps towards such a future are being made.” The Independent Tinnitus is a bigger issue in dance

Written by Maya-Rose Torrão Last year, on the 1st of October, a 64 year-old man named Stephen Paddock opened fire at a crowd of Route 91 Harvest music festival-goers with a semi-automatic rifle, injuring 851 people injured and killing 28 people, making the incident the deadliest mass shooting committed by

By Jenna Dreisenstock The excitement of a music festival is an unprecedented feeling for all of us – the thrill of seeing our favourite acts live, the vivid light shows and immersive displays, the delicious artisan foods and most of all – partying the nights away with the people we’re

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