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Single Review: The Reflective Growing Pains Of Youth In ‘Exceptions’ By Rituals of Mine

Rituals of Mine | Exceptions (single) | Carpark Records Single Release Date: 18 August, 2020 Album: HYPE NOSTALGIA | 25 September, 2020 Rituals Of Mine, otherwise known as the now solo moniker of Sacramento-based vocalist and songwriter Terra Lopez is a project that demonstrates clearly what it means to create music from the

Rituals Of Mine (ft. KRIS) | Free Throw (single) | Carpark Records Single Release Date: 21 July, 2020 Album: HYPE NOSTALGIA | 25 September, 2020 Sacramento-based vocalist and songwriter Terra Lopez known under her solo moniker Rituals Of Mine, is recognized for her eclectic blend of multifaceted, heartfelt theatrics and

Michael Kiwanuka | Final Days – Remixed by Bonobo | Polydor Records Release Date: 10 July, 2020 Critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Michael Kiwanuka is a musician whose passionate, soulful approach to his highly distinct, spellbinding sound stands out amongst those within the indie-folk world in the most striking of ways. The

By Jenna Dreisenstock 2018 has been quite a year, with many exceptional releases stunning fans with brand news innovations and experimentations in sound, style and personality. From experimental avant-pop, to dreamy R&B inspired synth-love; the music world has sculpted an incredibly diverse experience for all. We’ve compiled a list of

Interview by Arnold van der Walt Bondax is a name you’ve probably seen during your music scouting excursions. Consisting of George Townsend and Adam Kayle, Bondax have blown up since 2012 and have since garnered more than 54 million views on Youtube on channels such as the influential Majestic Casual,

By Jenna Dreisenstock Image Credit: Unknown (Please let us know so we can add in proper credit!) Halfway through September I wrote the first part of a list regarding our favourite 15 innovative, spellbinding tracks that had been released so far: and the sheer excitement of what was to follow

Australian electronic-soul duo YesYou’s distinctive nostalgia-drenched brand of electronic, RnB and soul-inspired music has made sure that this music project has gone from strength to strength since its inception. Having gained 10 million collective streams to date via streaming platforms including Soundcloud, Youtube and Spotify, YesYou have also been showcasing

Image: Manon Berrebi (@berrebictures) Sôra is a talented vocalist, writer and producer who manages to bend and shape the constraints of genre to her will with her eclectic mix of electro-pop, R&B and soul. Sôra has been going from strength to strength from the moment she started her music career;

Written by Maya-Rose Torrão Kelela is releasing a remix collection called ‘TAKE ME A_PART, THE REMIXES’ to celebrate the first anniversary of her debut studio album ‘Take Me Apart’, which was released last year to widespread acclaim, appearing in numerous publications’ year-end lists. “It’s not just a bunch of remixes,”

Yves Tumor | Safe In The Hands Of Love | Warp Records Release Date: 6 September 2018 Written by Jenna Dreisenstock Image Credit: Vitali Gelwich Our fingertips calloused in sympathy; the sweet and endearing ache emerging from a spectral darkness and heavy-heart. The tangible growth of the self in mayhem,

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