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Review: Croatian Amor & Varg2TM Explore The Evolution Of Dizzying Techno-Futurism In ‘Body of Carbon’

Croatian Amor & Varg2TM | Body Of Carbon |Posh Isolation Release Date: 29 November, 2019 Feature Image: Croatian Amor & Varg2TM by Press In the beginning of 2019, Danish producer Loke Rahbek fashioned ‘Isa’ under his moniker Croatian Amor – an elegant offering by the artist, showcasing a tender, intimate

Feature Image: Ioanna Gika April is almost over, and so far we’ve seen some fantastic releases all across the board – in the last 4 months alone. The innovative experimentation of musicians in 2019 has so far produced incredibly artistic and immersive new styles and sounds, and we can’t wait

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