Review: Croatian Amor & Varg2TM Explore The Evolution Of Dizzying Techno-Futurism In ‘Body of Carbon’

Croatian Amor & Varg2TM | Body Of Carbon |Posh Isolation

Release Date: 29 November, 2019

Feature Image: Croatian Amor & Varg2TM by Press

In the beginning of 2019, Danish producer Loke Rahbek fashioned ‘Isa’ under his moniker Croatian Amor – an elegant offering by the artist, showcasing a tender, intimate journey dotted with melancholia; an experimental dive into a twilight-realm – an anxious tale, yet rich with raw vulnerability and glimmers of hopefulness. ‘Isa’ stood as a further example of the versatility of Rahbek’s approach to creating; collaborating with the likes of HTRK’s Jonnine Standish, Alto Aria and Yves Tumor amongst many others. 

Rahbek’s collaborative efforts have been highly praised, and before the release of his LP ‘Isa’ – in 2018, a standout collaboration with producer Varg2TM entitled ‘Body of Water’ showcased the two producers plunge into shimmering ambient soundscapes. Jonas Rönnberg – formerly known as just Varg, yet now working under the name Varg2TM is known for his dynamic and provocative approach to electronic music; blurring genre boundaries with his unique influences and personality as seen in his most recent releases: his two EPs entitled ‘Sky City‘, as well as ‘Evanescence, A Love Letter‘.

Now, returning with their second collaborative effort ‘Body of Carbon’, Croatian Amor and Varg2TM venture into shadowy territories, with elements of dark techno blending vividly with conceptual, midnight drenched soundscapes, released via Posh Isolation; an imprint founded by Rahbek and Danish musician Christian Stadgaard.

The title track ‘Body Of Carbon‘ billows with a cacophony of glitching Neo-futurism; abrasive shifts in distorted, bold timbres fiercely orbit self assured beats – pulses breaching like imploding stars. Collisions of extraterrestrial language push the track forward, driven by powerful synth-based atmospheres. Frays of ecstatic percussion sparked by rhythmic tribal techno and beat-sampling are vigorous in nature, with ‘Body of Carbon‘ drenched in a dark tonal lagoon.

God’s Face In The Fire‘ contrasts to the mounting chaos of the album opener ‘Body of Carbon‘ with a lucidity that balances eclectic, layered textures and sparse, ethereal soundscapes; creating a soundtrack to a recurring waking dream, studded with cyber bullets.

An immersive swirl in pounding electronics, ‘Body of Carbon‘ showcases the distinct personality of each producer in their second collaborative effort, coherent in exuding a shadowy tone that delves further into the experimental willingness associated with both Croatian Amor and Varg2TM, portraying both artists inevitable growth in their exploration of sonic genre-bending.

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