Stellar Om Source Shares Video For ‘Live’

French electronic auteur Christelle Gualdi aka Stellar Om Source has shared a video for the track ‘Live’ from her Nite-Glo EP on Brooklyn label RVNG Intl.

The stroboscopic techno of ‘Live’ demonstrates how far Gualdi has travelled from her academic beginnings in music. She was a double bassist in the Konigin Katharina Stift Schulorchester and a student of music theory at Université Paris VIII. Gualdi completed her studies in electro-acoustic composition at the Conservatoire de Paris after earning an architecture degree.

She later became part of the international lo-fi electronic music scene that also nurtured Laurel Halo, Oneohtrix Point Never, Dolphins Into The Future and James Ferraro via a succession of self-released CD-Rs. The Nite-Glo EP can be ordered direct from RVNG Intl here.

Watch ‘Live’:

Visit the RVNG Intl website

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