Single Review: The Rosy, Kind Sadness Of Washed Out’s ‘Time To Walk Away’

Washed Out | Time To Walk Away (single) | Sub Pop

Single Release Date: 30 June, 2020

Album Release Date: 7 August, 2020

American producer and musician Ernest Greene, known under his alias Washed Out may be best known for his distinct, lo-fi embrace of alternative chillwave beats: a “chill-out” artist if you will, a bedroom-pop producer in his early days, despite his progression in his sound over the years.

While chillwave as a genre has experienced a multitude of changes over the years, with the genre itself waxing and waning: similarly to the bedroom-pop producers of the early 2010’s, the creation of the distinct electronic genre has inspired many a contemporary take on electronic music today in 2020, and is always welcomed. Greene could easily be said to be an early pioneer of the genre itself.

While the ways in which we create and produce music throughout the years has changed significantly as accessibility for has increased in an incredible manner, Washed Out has showcased the glittering ability to explore his original auditory personality with the evolution of modern dance music which has evolved over the years, with his newer sounds showcasing a warmer, simplistic feel with a light, easy-listening minimalism.

With the release of his brand new single ‘Time To Walk Away’, Washed Out’s sunlit warmth shines through, with the textural minimalism of the track covering the conceptual, melancholic concept (it’s always difficult to acknowledge the end of a relationship with a lover, realising that at the end of the day it may be best to call it quits – and the often nostalgic pain that comes with it – along with eventual acceptance) the track is airy and light, allowing for its simplicity to be lovingly immersive. ‘Time To Walk Away’, accompanied by an official music video, is a taste of Washed Out’s upcoming album ‘Purple Noon’, scheduled for release via Sub-Pop on August 7th.

Opening with a steady upbeat pulse ‘Time To Walk Away’ introduces a bright, sunny disposition from its very introduction. The relaxed nature which sings radiant in atmosphere, along with the honeyed textures and rosy, buoyant rhythm stands in direct juxtaposition to the track’s concept – especially with Greene’s introspective lyrics and his kind, smooth vocals: distant, with a tinge of sadness in the ebb and flow of his echoic reflection.

I Don’t Even Know

How Our Problems Got This Bad 

Think We Need To Slow Down

It’s Probably The Only Chance We’ve Got

I Just Wanna Go Back

Start It All Again

This Time I’ll Let You Win 

It’s Probably Just Hopeless

This Time

The tone of the track comes across as delicately tranquil, the luminous beat and shimmering, warm driving rhythm rather reminiscent of time spent on a beach – the idyllic feel of being on vacation and the sense of relaxation that comes with it: reasonably, in accompaniment with the video, it works in tandem with the idea of loving tenderness from a partner, melodious electronic textures following the couple as they navigate their relationship as it progresses – which may make walking away all the more painful.

How’d It Go So Wrong?

Could We Have Seen It From The Start?

We’ve Been Together So Long

Have We Just Naturally Grown Apart?

I Just Wanna Know That

We Tried To Make It Work

Before Just Giving Up

Are We Just

Trying Too Hard?

The simplistic intimacy present in ‘Time To Walk Away’ adds to the allure and allows the track to come across as intriguingly colourful yet relatable; the contrast between Greene’s comfortable, calm and lighthearted track composition, with soundscapes that almost embody a feeling of summer love – as opposed to the sad, reflective subject matter of saying goodbye to a lover – is crafted in a manner that is authentically calming and kind.

I Don’t Wanna Fight Another Day

I’m Tired Of All The Hurtful Games We Play

I Thought We Shared A Bond That’d Never Break

Is It Time To Walk Away?


Purple Noon Tracklist:

01. Too Late
02. Face Up
03. Time to Walk Away
04. Paralyzed
05. Reckless Desires
06. Game of Chance
07. Leave You Behind
08. Don’t Go
09. Hide
10. Haunt

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Rating: 6.5 / 10

Feature Image: Washed Out by Blaire Green