Rising star Chiara Dubey collaborates with prolific composer Robot Koch’s ambient project Foam and Sand on a celestial single, ‘Spirit Guide’

Emerging singer Chiara Dubey unveiled her third single ‘Spirit Guide’  on June 6, 2024, through LIVANA MUSIC. Lifted from from her upcoming album CHANDANI, the track features acclaimed artist and composer Robot Koch, known for his ambient project Foam and Sand. ‘Spirit Guide’ mesmerizes with its captivating vocals and richly immersive textures, highlighting the exceptional skills of both artists.


Chiara’s distinctive sound has propelled her rise in the music industry, highlighted by her signing with LIVANA MUSIC. She’s received strong support from European radio and TV stations, sold out shows at prestigious events like Music On Ice and Isole Brissago, and secured notable placements on Spotify, Apple Music playlists including NMF Switzerland, New Music Daily, and Do Not Disturb.


Robot Koch, a Berlin native now based in Los Angeles, is a celebrated artist with a discography spanning multiple albums and over 100 million streams. His expertise spans electronic, ambient, and modern classical music, featured in films, TV shows, and sold-out immersive AV events globally. Through his ambient project Foam and Sand, he delves into the intersection of science and spirituality, showcasing his sonic mastery.


‘Spirit Guide’ takes listeners on a gentle and intimate journey to a distant realm, blending Chiara’s ethereal vocals seamlessly with Robot Koch’s soothing sound design. The song embodies Chiara’s captivating musical style, creating a mesmerizing experience where the world fades away, leaving only the listener and the music.




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