Rising indie rocker Beach Tiger lifts moods with his latest album

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Young indie rocker Beach Tiger has been pushing himself to craft new music and his latest album, Yenta, is a compilation of this hard work – released via Southern America Records today. With singles such as ‘Where Do We Go From Here?’ and ‘Run Away’ already being praised for their ingenuity, the album is an exploration of creativity. While Beach Tiger was once a collective of musicians, Taylor McCleskey has taken on the name as a solo project. Occasionally choosing to call in session guitarist Micah Nichols and mix and master engineering from Neil B. Young and Kevin Peterson respectively, Taylor McCleskey has managed to create a sound that is uniquely his own – pairing old school influences with new school production.

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The USA-based musician takes us through the steps of creating the album: “Yenta was created using a 90/30 writing technique; you have 90 minutes to come up with a song idea, and you do it for 30 days straight. With a ticking clock bearing down on you, you have zero time to question your instincts. Although Yenta is not a “concept album”, it does carry an overall theme where the protagonist must choose a life of adventure and spaces unknown, or a more comfortable, steady and safe existence. The unique thing is, it is up to the audience how the story is told. By simply changing around the track order you can tell it from two different angles.”

If you’re looking for something cheerful and upbeat, we recommend you check out ‘Peace & Love’ with its anthemic vocals and positive energy. However, quickly following it is the gently adoring ‘You Cannot Escape My Love’ for those needing a softer touch. In reality, it’s that retro flare that really manages to set the cheerful tone. Dig out your rose coloured glasses – no problem is insurmountable with a little groove in your step and a call for adventure in your mind.

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By Sarah Britton