Alternative R&B duo Late Lilo debut song ‘Sour’

UK alternative R&B producers Late Lilo have announced the release of their debut track, ‘Sour’ on 14 February. The duo is made up of JKP (avant-garde house producer) and Tudor Davies (vocalist and composer). Late Lilo finds inspiration within the modern world of hip hop with artists such as Post Malone, Juice Wrld and Col3trane. Their own resulting sound sits in close comparison with Post Malone himself springing to mind as well as aspects of The Weeknd and Bryson Tiller. Opening with unapologetically distorted vocals and a bittersweet sweet riff, ‘Sour’ carries a nostalgic yet rebellious style. With influences of pop, trap, emo and hip hop, the song sits somewhere in the realms of alternative RnB and shady soul. The blend of honest content and cascading delivery with the measured pace create the perfect ingredients for this amorous track. The two musicians originally met at university, where they went on to form a band. The duo played venues in and around Exeter, UK however, after some local success, they each moved on to pursue different paths in music. Tudor Davies and John Kilpatrick (JKP) kept in contact, exchanging ideas online until Tudor sent JKP a demo in the summer of 2019. 

Sharing a little about the origins of the song, Late Lilo tells us, “Sour’ started as a simple demo that Tudor wrote on the side from other projects he was working on at the time. He sent it over to John who (wanting to try something different) produced it up in one evening. This formed the start of Late Lilo.”

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