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How to build a music website

  Building a music website is a great way to showcase your music, connect with your audience, and promote your brand as a musician. Here are the steps to create a music website:   Define Your Goals and Purpose: Determine the primary goals of your website, such as promoting your

  Based in-between Vancouver and London, enigmatic and elusive musician Plain Mister Smith returned on the 3rd of November with a new single in, ‘El Presidente’. Ever mysterious, occasionally visible, Plain Mister Smith has carved out his own niche in the indie-folk genre with his witty songwriting and incredible musicality.

Following on from his previous single ‘Slow Down Ft Willa‘ vocal house producer Prince Paris is hitting the airwaves again with ‘Speak Your Mind’ featuring rising vocalist Wilder, via Physical Presents. The track is centred around the idea of a partner that won’t communicate what is going on in their

                             Image credit: Carly Hughes-Horvath Bringing the fresh tones of summer months, Freddie Future provides a lush, escapive release with his latest single. ‘Loving You (So High)’ was made public last week and is the first track from a new project the musician is currently working on. The single, accompanied by

Image by Richard Drew A new article published by Rolling Stone has revealed that Spotify’s highest streaming artists still struggle when it comes to making any significant income. The report aims to expose the truth behind the lure of a lucrative ‘creator economy’ and also investigates platforms such as Patreon,

             Photo credit: Philipp Wenning Join us as we proceed further down the steps of history and revisit some of our favourite artists. We first encountered Jamila & The Other Heroes as they were releasing their imaginative single, ‘Aliens In My Bed’. At the time, we sat down for one of

Photo by Eli Russell Linnetz Avant-pop star Grimes took to social media last week to reveal details about her forthcoming album. The sixth LP from the Canadian singer and producer is shaping up to be a high concept cyber pop opera about a queer AI looking for love. In a

          Image credit: Mike Musanu Let’s explore the mind of Jon Doe – the rising mysterious musician from London making waves with his latest single, ‘In My Dreams’. Self-taught, the artist enjoys experimenting with sound on as many different forms of music as possible – learning the guitar and the piano,

German-based producer AK has recently released his latest single, ‘Smoke’ via Monstercat Silk. The single is the third of three releases from the artist and label, with the first, ‘Back Again’ released earlier this year. ‘Smoke’ is created to convey a sombre message of the recent climate issues, released in

Image by Jen Cray New Order’s Peter Hook has announced that he will be hosting an exhibition of hundreds of items and memorabilia from his time with the band, NME reports. Titled The Peter Hook Signature Collection – New Order, the exhibited items will also be auctioned for charity. All

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