Band The Burma re-set with ‘Sleepers’ music video

A new day has begun and you can start anew. The Burma’s latest video for their single ‘Sleepers’ channels this carpe diem energy. The track was released via The Burma Music, and has received extensive support from Irish iTunes and The Homegrown Top 20 Official Charts. This latest video from the band was captured in the picturesque city of Cork in Ireland, which is also a  sweet homage to their early beginnings as a band. 

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The release also follows after their previous single ‘Don’t Believe you Dreams’ which set the nostalgic factor for this latest impactful single. Both tracks are charming with their psychedelic-infused and indie embellishments, which tie well together. With core messages of chasing your bliss and not letting minor setbacks keep you from doing what you love, the band charm and inspire their listeners. 

The Burma previously shared this personal statement about their new music: “Cork City holds a special place in our hearts. It’s where we all first met as eighteen-year-olds. We spent most of our youth around the city, whether we were playing gigs or just going out at the weekend. It’s important for us to represent Cork in our music. We have a song on our new album called “Magazine Road” – named after a street Cian lived on during his time in College. Having the music video for Sleepers set amongst the Cork City skyline is just another example of us paying homage to a city that reared and nurtured our band.”

Upcoming Tour Dates:

29th July – All Together Now, Co. Waterford

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   Image credit: Isla Media