Premiere: Urple Eeple – “Sky Honey” (Pixelord remix)

It’s Friday everyone, so we’re sure that if you’re stuck in an office like I am, we’re getting pretty ready to leave right about now. With that being said, we’ve been sent over some pretty terrific music, so things haven’t been all that bad.

We’re excited to present one of the tracks I’ve been jamming out to today, a remix of Urple Eeple’s “Sky Honey” by the stunningly eclectic producer Pixelord. With the remixer’s glitchy, experimental style firmly in line with Urple Eeple’s original piece, the result feels smooth and natural, almost like a rebirth of the piece instead of how some remixes can feel. The two mesh well here, and it’s even difficult to tell that this piece is a remix at all.

Urple Eeple’s EP is out today, purchase via iTunes.

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