Premiere: Tom Webber – Lightning Strike of ’22

Following the release of his single ‘Face in the Crowd’, singer-songwriter Tom Webber is back. This time he is sharing a double A-side titled ‘Lightning Strike of ‘22/Sunday Morning’, which he recorded at RAK Studios in London, a studio that has previously housed the likes of David Bowie, Arctic Monkeys, and Michael Jackson to name a few notable stars. Today, we are premiering the hearty ‘Lightning Strike of ‘22’, out now!

Stream / Download: ‘Lightning Strike of ‘22/Sunday Morning’

‘Lightning Strike of ‘22’ is a sweet record about the love shared between two brothers. Reflecting on what has been and what is yet to come, Tom sings this heart-warming number over the bright strums of his jangling guitar, presenting a vintage flair that touches on a now-classic sound, which was first popularised by The Beatles.

Tom tells us the record’s backstory, saying, “Lightning Strike Of ’22 narrates my brother and I coming home from the pub one evening when a heavy thunderstorm started. As the rain got heavier, we got into deeper and more philosophical conversations about life itself and appreciating what we have and what’s to come.  Who knows if this night created a tighter bond between us, a closer connection with mother nature itself… or maybe I just thought that’s a good idea for a song!”

Listen to ‘Lightning Strike of ’22’ below:


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Image credits: @s4rees