Pop trio KARMACODA release long-awaited LP

        Image credit: Gianfranco Bichine

It was early March, there was a feeling of excitement in the air as KARMACODA announced the release of ‘Make Me The One’, the first single to be taken from their (at the time) upcoming album Slow Down, Melt and Catch Fire’. Fast forward a few months, through several emotion-laden releases, exquisite music videos and here we are, release day for the much-anticipated LP.  Spearheading the album is the inspiring first song, ‘Dream On’ which plays with hope, romance and delicate twists of pop. 

At the release of ‘Make Me The One’, we sat down for an exclusive interview with founding member, Brett (aka B.), Jessica Ford (a talented singer-songwriter) and Eric Matsuno (a unique multi-instrumentalist). In the days to come, the band would release several more tantalising titbits for their upcoming album, including a music video for Make Me The One which won two 2021 Hermes Creative Awards (Platinum) and the Unglued Music Video Award (Gold). The trio also released a remix for the single by E39 Summer Club Mix as well as the singles, ‘Traps’ and ‘Feels’, both of which were accompanied by their own stylistic music videos. 

Brett, of KARMACODA, tells us: “Slow Down, Melt and Catch Fire is the most personal and meaningful record we’ve ever made.  I think that’s partly due to the events of 2020 and a great deal to do with how I responded to it. As a writer, musician and producer it felt like the world got more “real” and we needed to explore those feelings and see where it took us.”



By Sarah Britton