Oneohtrix Point Never Leaks MIDI Excerpts Of New Album

Warp recording artist Daniel Lopatin aka Oneohtrix Point Never has released excerpts from his eagerly anticipated new album Garden Of Delete, out November 13th. In the typically unorthodox style Lopatin’s fans have become accustomed to, the snippets were performed on MIDI piano roll and shared on the producer’s Instagram page.

Discussing the process of writing the album with Rolling Stone earlier this month, Lopatin said, “I would start with MIDI in the piano roll and basically get a very raw arrangement together with whatever instrument felt like a good writing tool at that moment: organ, piano, Rhodes, whatever. And if I felt like the thing moves and flows through the parts in a way that feels like… a rock song, basically, to put it really bluntly. I try to imagine, like, “Okay, if David Gilmour were here, could he sing on this, or what? Is this a fuckin’ short Floyd song from, like, ’84 or whatever?””

According to a statement from Warp, Garden Of Delete‘s songtitles will include such gems as ‘Sticky Drama’, ‘Ezra’, ‘I Bite Through It’, ‘Animals’ and ‘Mutant Standard’.  The fan-created video below compiles the MIDI excerpts into a 17-minute collection:

Lopatin has previously shared the full album track ‘I Bite Through It’:

For more info visit Oneohtrix Point Never’s website

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