New streaming platform Marine Snow is a place for ‘music connoisseurs’

A new streaming app, Marine Snow, has launched. Unlike other platforms, Marine Snow uses a 90-day rotation of songs, and urges users to interact with each other and the platform to access the music. Users must crack open egg-like capsules in order to unveil songs, or combine ‘shards’ to unlock other songs. The more time users spend reading song blurbs or listening to music, the more shards they accumulate. There is also a Roundtable section that allows users to interact with each other and earn rewards. 

Speaking to Resident Advisor, app founder Tony Lashley explained that Marine Snow was a space aimed at “connoisseurs to find new friends through new music, and new music through new friends.” The app is also favourable for artists. Its 90-day rotation model means that Marine Snow is able to pay artists the equivalent of 500,000 US Spotify streams upfront, regardless of the total number of streams their song gets on the platform. “The median artist we are working with receives about 100,000 streams on their median song on Spotify over the lifetime of the song, meaning that for 90 days we are paying 2.5x the lifetime revenue of their median song,” Lashey explained. 

Currently, music from artists including Amnesia Scanner, Palmistry, and Oliver Coates is available to stream on Marine Snow. The app’s future plans include a gift shop, and an auction that will allow artists to sell their songs as exclusive downloads and one-of-one NFTs once they hit the 90-day mark on the app.

Find out more about Marine Snow by signing up on their website here, or download the app for free from the App Store here.