Maverick shares catchy single ‘I love coffee culture’


Up-and-coming virtual reality band Maverick recently released their new single, ‘I love coffee culture’, on the 4th of October.  Headed by John Cristal, he invites wonderfully talented guest musicians and singers to help him create and produce the songs he has written – 11 so far. Maverick’s music is probably best described as ‘easy listening’ pop with occasional hints of folk music and a dash of Latino mixed in. 


I love coffee culture’ is a delightful ode to caffeine and it’s many facets, set atop gentle acoustic guitar strumming, subtle piano chords and delectable drumming.  Lyrically, it’s all about coffee and the culture it carries with it, as Maverick highlights all of coffee’s amazing elements, from social interactions to the pure sensory delight of its taste and smell, exploring all of its brilliance. Neatly wrapped up in a catchy tune, it’s deeply relatable and certain to resonate with all coffee enthusiasts. 


John Cristal of Maverick had this to say: “Coffee is so versatile, whether it’s having a flat white in the shop, a latte on the go or just sitting outside with a cappuccino and a croissant, enjoying the morning sun and watching the world go by. Personally, I love my morning coffee, the whole coffee culture scene and the coffee making ritual – and that’s what stimulated me to write this song” 



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