Listen to Andrew Neil & Code Purple’s ode to perseverance through pain, ‘Resurrection’

The atmospheric alt-rockers Andrew Neil & Code Purple unleashed a new single, ‘Resurrection’ on January 19th, 2024. Their upcoming album, also titled Resurrection, will feature a total of nine original songs. The band is a creative collaboration formed in 2017 between singer-songwriter Andrew Neil (often compared to Daniel Johnston) on rhythm guitar and lead vocals, Daniel Houser on lead guitar and banjo, Logan Wayne on drums and Rick Shaw on bass. Classified as alternative rock and post-grunge, the song promises a unique blend of punchy dynamics, raw authenticity, and profound lyrics that resonate with the universal theme of overcoming life’s challenges. A forthcoming book chronicles Andrew Neil’s battle with mental illness and cancer, which also seeps into his lyrics and music-making.


‘Resurrection’ is a haunting and moving grungy track delving into the profound themes of redemption, renewal, and a second chance at life and love. The band’s journey, marked by struggles with mental illness, addiction, and homelessness, is channeled into their music, creating a relatable experience for listeners. It seamlessly weaves between energetic, driving rhythms and more introspective, melodic sections creating a rich tapestry of sound.

Andrew Neil reflects: “It conveys themes of rising from the ashes, emerging from depression, and falling in love with life again.”



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