Klangstof finds himself when his mind is held ‘Hostage’

Mind of a Genius has been working on some really interesting stuff as of late, and while it’s often cited for its work with Zhu and Gallant, the emerging artists on their small but effective roster have been releasing an interesting collection of work. Their latest signee Klangstof has recently released a video for the eclectic, yet stunning, track ‘Hostage.’

In the premiere with Fader, he reveals that this track and video are influenced from the idea that –“I believe people are their realest when they feel down and locked up in their own minds.” This fits perfectly in tune with the visuals for the release, which follow a vet fighting himself and the darkness that the mind can bring to life. The song itself has always been eloquent and haunting, but the visuals add a whole new layer to the entire piece.

Check out the video below; it was directed by Menno Fokma, and stars Dimitry Loubry.

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