A new era of Grimes is upon us

There’s lots of new material expected from Grimes in the coming week. The Canadian alt-pop star has released the cover art for long anticipated and much teased single, Shinigami Eyes which is due to drop on January 26th via popular video game Rocket League. The single, which follows Player Of Games, is expected to be part of her upcoming album, likely titled Book 1. The album forms part of a larger concept piece by Grimes, which will follow the story of a sentient queer AI named Claire de Lune.



The collaboration with Rocket League, titled Neon Nights, launches on the same day as Shinigami Eyes and looks to “celebrate the ever-evolving music of Rocket League” while also tying into Grimes’s upcoming album. According To Rocket League’s website, “In collaboration with GRIMES’ upcoming space opera, a super-intelligent deep space AI will begin transmitting Challenges directly into your life-sim, allowing you to unlock GRIMES-themed items.” Anthemic player versions of Player of Games and Shinigami Eyes will also be available to listen to via Rocket League


In addition, Grimes has also announced a re-issue of her album Visions to celebrate its 10th anniversary, which will include an exclusive print and illustrated notes from Grimes herself. The reissue will be made exclusively available on Vinyl Me, Please. See images of the repress below.

After months of teasing and multiple reveals on online platforms such as Discord, it appears a new era from the space princess is upon us. And if her unique release strategy for Shinigami Eyes is anything to go by, this era will be as virtual as it is real.