Introducing The Playground Picks [Part 2]

The Playground is pleased to present our new GRØUND TV Spotify playlists featuring the artists and tracks that have caught our attention across a wide range of styles.

Every Friday we will be highlighting our fresh selections from our EXPERIMENTAL, CHILL, INDIE and POP playlists.

Please enjoy!

Fresh selections:

Mikael Delta – ‘Elation’

Electronica, ambient and techno music canvases together with distorted sounds of classic piano, cello tenutes and heavenly vocals make up the fresh, powerful but also sensitive electronica sound of Mikael Delta on ‘Elation’.

Lucy Lu x Gabriel Gifford x Harvey Causon – ‘Compos Mentis’

‘Compos Mentis’ is the new single from Lucy Lu, released to coincide with his upcoming European Tour supporting Loyle Carner starting on 26th Nov in Madrid. The vocals draw on imagery to create a feeling, ambiguous lyrics allowing the listener to draw their own story from the song.

Ferdous – ‘Stillness’

Inspired by the sensuality of silence, Ferdous presents his first solo release. ‘Stillness’ is a colourful and surreal offering that liberates and excites the mind.

Fresh selections:

Sub Sequence – ‘Seize Release’

A minimal and meditative electronic composition that whisks the listener on a journey through a hypnotic, morphing soundscape. Over 35 years of fascination and experimentation with electronic music has led Sub Sequence to create something quite spectacular.

Piksel – ‘She Ghetto’

‘She Ghetto’ is the feeling of heaviness – expressed through a ticking clock, heavy beats, violins and processed vocals. It is taken from Places, the original soundtrack for the multimedia show by Syntrex – an interdisciplinary collective exploring the sense of transition through contemporary dance, projected animations and live electronic music.

Fresh selections:

Daneshevskaya – ‘Scrooge’

Having spent many years singing backup for friends bands and writing songs privately, Daneshevskaya decided to record one and put it out. ‘Scrooge’ is about removing someone from your life, only to find that you have erased a part of yourself in the process.

The Bergamot – ‘Bones’

Released on World Suicide Prevention Day, ‘Bones’ speaks the truth with love; we can’t just run from our burdens.

Karima Francis – ‘Shelf Life’

‘Shelf Life’ emits a melancholy warmth through contemplative lyricism and organic instrumentation. Soulful velvet vocals envelop the celestial melodies, delivering an intimate and authentic release.

Fresh selections:

The Guidance – ‘Overs’

Breakbeats and weighty synths propel this vibrant offering forward against a silky, ambient backdrop. Described as a song about toxic relationships and acknowledging normalised sexism, ‘Overs’ captures a feeling of self-discovery and growth. Chicago-born, Los Angeles-based songwriter/producer The Guidance adopted the name in 2015 as a means of recognition and self-healing, a guiding light in finding his way through several major obstacles in his youth.

Moli – On the Weekend

Inspired by a move to Berlin, ‘On The Weekend’ is about drinking or taking substances to run away from whatever is tormenting you in the real world – running away from our responsibilities until Monday hits us with the truth. An exciting artist that stays true to her personal language and tells stories from a unique and vibrant perspective, Moli is spearheading the international pop generation.

Novaa – ‘AI Am In Love’

‘AI Am In Love’ is about falling in love with an artificial intelligence, an idea that’s been explored in various sci-fi films and after all, it’s happened to all of us already, to some extent… Following on from her acclaimed self-titled debut LP released earlier this year, Novaa explores the future on her forthcoming album The Futurist.

GEIZ – ‘Diamond Devils’

This luminous cut brings a continued exploration of underground club sounds, channelling a wildly experimental and curious nature through the prism of pop. A seasoned – but elusive – writer, producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist, with this second release GEIZ adds another intriguing twist to the tale.

Cavalcade – ‘Curious Game’

Like many of Cavalcade’s songs, ‘Curious Game’ offers a window into internal struggle and how to deal with it. Featuring their unique blend of emotionally super-charged indie-pop electronica, the track showcases the New Zealand duo’s signature ethereal sound.

BUHU – ‘A Tide Apart

‘A Tide Apart’ was written as a way to acknowledge the artist’s shortcomings and mistakes in life. The song highlights this sentiment by drawing comparisons between the untamable ocean and human nature. BUHU is the shape-shifting musical brainchild of Jeremy Rogers and Tiffany Paciga. More than just a moniker, BUHU is a retrospective of their lives and a reflection, or refraction, of their relationship.

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