I AM SENTI spins deep house remix on ‘Virgin Mojito’

I AM SENTI, an  EDM sensation hailing from South London, has released the remix of her latest single, ‘Virgin Mojito’, premiered via CLASH Magazine and was released on the 20th of March via AST RECORDINGS. Her debut single, ‘Not With Me’ received nearly 2 million views on Youtube and she’s collected nearly 4 million plays across streaming platforms. With the goal of releasing three more singles this year, a collaboration in the works as well as starting work on her new album, I AM SENTI has a busy year ahead of her.Taking her own flirty EDM track and twisting it into a deep house remix, I AM SENTI plays around with her own sound. Pairing her deep, warm and soulful vocals with a bright and bouncy bassline, the electronic embellishments and rhythmic claps carry the listener on to the dancefloor. The luminous energy of the remix means that it can transition from a sweltering beachfront stage in Ibiza to the darkness of 2am club without missing a beat.  Eager to explore many different genres and creative methods, I AM SENTI moulds her style based on the energy she is feeling at the time. Starting with a melody before moving on to chord progression followed by lyrics designed to display her own vocal abilities, the singer-songwriter tailor makes each release. She hints that her future releases will also carry a different and new style that the public may not have heard from her before.

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