Grimes offers 50% royalty split to whoever can recreate her voice using AI

The music industry is facing a new wave of concern over artificial intelligence (AI) generated songs featuring vocals of real musicians. While many artists have spoken out against the use of technology in music, experimental electronic musician Grimes has taken a different stance. 

She recently tweeted about an AI-generated track by Drake and The Weeknd which has been making waves online, expressing her support for AI generated music, even encouraging fans to use AI to recreate her music. She tweeted that whoever generates her voice in a song successfully, she will split 50% of royalties with them, and the same deal applies to any artist she collaborates with.



Grimes’s approach is different from other musicians who have raised concerns about AI-generated music, worrying that it could lead to a loss of creative control and copyright issues. AI-generated music is already appearing on major music platforms, and some of these tracks have garnered millions of streams before being taken down due to copyright concerns.

While Grimes’s stance may be controversial, it reflects a growing trend of artists embracing technology in music. With the rise of AI-generated music, it’s likely that we will see more musicians experimenting with this technology in the coming years. Grimes will deliver the final keynote speech at this year’s International Music Summit in Ibiza, where she is expected to discuss technology and AI in music. The theme of this year’s summit is ‘Face The Future.’