Florian Picasso releases festival-ready song ‘It’s Alright’

Performing nearly 100 shows annually, producer Florian Picasso has dropped a festival-ready single titled ‘It’s Alright’, assuring us that everything is copasetic. Gucci. Good. Florian has graced the stages of Tomorrowland or Ultra Miami so surely he knows what keeps a crowd moving. Bring his experience to his production, he has created a high-temperature record that captures precisely that: the scorching heights of music festival fever.

Stream / Download: Florian Picasso – ‘It’s Alright’

Smoke cannons blast over the crowd. A mass of sweaty bodies heaves to the hypnotic rhythms emanating from two-story-high speakers, shaking the earth beneath the feet of dancers. People sit on other people’s shoulders. Beer spills from clear plastic cups, some of which litter the floor, crushed by the relentless pounding of feet. Digitally-projected graphics depict wild and colourful images behind the DJ. The DJ stands behind the decks, mixing in track after track, keeping the monster alive, feeding it with intoxicating house tracks, of which Florian Picasso’s single ‘It’s Alright’ is one. Out now via La Californie Musique.

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Image credit: Loic Schütz (ClubbingVision)