TP MIX #113 – Beau

“being in the wave community, you see everyone helping and supporting each other to grow and develop”

by Niki van den Heever

Dark/Atmospheric soundscapes with punchy drums” is how UK based wave producer Beau describes his sound. Listening to his original track ‘Mourn’, you definitely get a sense of those dark shadows you should probably not venture into. The ones you stare at with both fear and curiosity, an almost longing to just… let them take you. And maybe you do start to take cautious steps forward. Maybe you just couldn’t help yourself any longer. And just when the fear sets in again, you hear the sum of 10 000 ghostly voices as they softly whisper, “Still your beating heart, Our Dear Child”, till slowly you’re completely engulfed and no longer want to find your way out. Inviting it in till you’re no longer in the shadows, you are them.

Or maybe… maybe you’re like me and just want to take a lay down on the floor and smoke a cigarette while Beau’s music slithers through your earphones. Either way works really, as Beau’s music does sometimes take a lighter turn, never losing those deep bass elements that keep the music from completely lifting off into some unknown dimension.

Will Middlemiss, AKA Beau has, in just shy of four years, developed his own intoxicating sound on dark nights from the comfort of his home in Canterbury, Kent. The 20-year old’s refreshing mix of dark, atmospheric wave, potent drums and wild bursts of trance, trap and UK hip hop, packs the kind of punch that keeps you pressing replay. Beau’s been featured on The Accidental Poet Youtube channel with two original tracks, as well as a live mix and keeps very involved with the wave scene as it grows, collaborating with fellow producers such as Pholo and Visene.

We’re grateful Beau took a few moments to talk to us a bit about his inspiration for his mix on The Playground, going from making “weird hip hop stuff” to being a part of the wave community, and his upcoming track ‘Vengeance’

At what point did you know that you want to make music?

Honestly, I can’t really remember. I think it was around 2015 when one of my friends showed me who Yung Lean was and I was listening to these crazy beats. That’s how I found out about producers like Gud, Whitearmor and Yung Sherman. That’s where it started for me I think, but I was only messing around on FL Studio. I think I actually fell in love with producing music when a friend introduced me to one of his mates who makes beats, Visene. And we became friends through him and he pretty much showed me what wave was and it all went from there. So yeah, shout out to Visene!

What three albums/artists would you say have served as your greatest inspiration? And tell us a bit about what kind of music you grew up on.

100% Yung Lean’s 2016 album Warlord. I must have listened to every track on that album over 100 times and It still sounds so fresh to me. More as of recently, probably Vacant‘s Origins album or his Deep South EP. They have been giving me a lot of inspiration. Also Dark0‘s Xenotype album. As for music I grew up on, I can’t really say, but I remember when I joined secondary school I was listening to a load of Grime the whole time I was there and I was also really into UKF dubstep and DnB haha.

Is there anything you absolutely have to have with you when making music? Or can you just sit down anywhere and produce?

Not necessarily anything in particular, but I find I make my best music at night. Maybe if it’s been a rainy day or something. That normally gets me in the right state of mind to start experimenting and playing around with sounds.

What non-music related inspirations do you hold dear if any?

Probably films. I can watch a good film and get inspired to write music. Also seeing my friends and family doing well with their careers.

Is there a sub-genre you think doesn’t get the attention it deserves?

Wave for sure. Saying that, it is getting more attention every day which is sick to see. I know it’s going to be one of those things that blow up. There are so many guys killing it in the scene right now – putting in work. Also, there are shows in the UK and America that seem like they’re on every weekend now!

If you could paint a picture of your future in music, what would it look like?

Making my best music, playing alongside my friends live, meeting new people and developing my sound.

What drew you to the genres you love? Have you always known you would be making electronic music one day or has that evolved from other genres?

I remember when I first started playing around with FL studio I was making weird hip hop stuff but yeah after a few years as I’ve improved, my sounds changed and I’ve just been inspired by certain types of music and genres. I try not to sit down and think ‘Right I’m going to make this today’. I kind of just go with it and see what happens.

Give your opinion on the state of electronic music in the world lately. It’s become a great ocean of artists. Do you find that it makes it harder to get any form of recognition?

Yeah for sure, there are thousands of artists making electronic music, but if anything that just gives me more inspiration to keep pushing and working on my sound. And like I said before, being in the wave community, you see everyone helping and supporting each other to grow and develop.

When you do a mix, how you go about deciding exactly which tracks to use? What inspired this particular mix?

It depends on how I’m feeling I guess. With this mix, I just chose some of my most favourite recent tracks I’ve have been listening to and also a few of my own tunes and just went with it haha.

What can we expect from you in the near future? Any original songs or projects you can tell us about?

I’ve got a tune that is being mastered as we speak entitled ‘Vengeance’ so I will be releasing that soon. I’m also working on a few collabs with some people but yeah, I’m always working on music.

Famous last words?


Oh Dear.

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