Dreamy Wave Tracks For The Change In Season

Whether you’re watching the flowers bloom as the leaves fill with vibrant greens in the Northern Hemisphere; or admiring the oncoming auburn of Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere – April is a transitional journey for us all; in beauty and in letting go of what the previous seasons have brought.

During these transitional phases, whether it be the seasons or in our lives; it’s always helpful to have a dreamy accompanying soundtrack. We’ve gathered a few of our favourite chill / wave tracks for you all to enjoy.

Below are 15 cascading wave tracks to ease you into April:

Again‘ – MRKRYL

On My Mind‘ – ItsLucid

Tell Me‘ – KAVERN

helmir‘ – palence

a few stars‘ – m a n d u

Hazel & Hollow‘ – Monomi

Rebirth‘ – BlazinG


Non Omnis Moriar‘ – DI9R

Open Your Mind‘ – Ṿ Ʌ Ẏ U

Transmission & Fusion‘ – Unnholy x Juche

between worlds‘ – SHINJU 雲

For Us‘ – 4th Front

My Eyes‘ – Ennja

Existence‘ – Ocxone

We hope you enjoyed our list!

Let us know your favourite Wave tracks and artists! Be sure to listen and support.

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