Dengue Dengue Dengue collaborate with Branko and toy Selectah in ‘Amazonia’

Dengue Dengue Dengue‘s debut album has been gaining a lot of traction in underground circles, and with each single being released in preparation of Siete Raíces, we’ve found ourselves more and more excited to listen to the work in its entirety.

DDD have once again exceeded our expectation with ‘Amazonia,’ which sees them working with Enchufada labelhead Branko, as well as Toy Selectah. The Peruvian duo know how to combine their chicha style with Branko’s melodic style and craft together a piece that mystifies, while still managing for us to start looking for the dancefloor. The light drum-work is brilliantly patterned, and the resulting work is lighter than previously released singles, but still manages to carry elements of their unique style in the framework of a collaboration.

Listen to the track below. Siete Raíces, is out June 24th via Enchufada.

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