Review: Yuksek- Sweet Addiction EP

Summer is finally here, and Yuksek‘s EP Sweet Addiction was released in almost perfect coordination with the smoldering weather I’m currently facing in Los Angeles’ freak heatwave. The EP is a stunningly coordinated four-track project that will surely be playing at every rooftop pool party in the coming months, and it’s ability to capture the lazy nature that becomes of humans under the heat, along with determination to be active because of the increase in events is an impressive act, even for a veteran producer of Yuksek’s status.

Like a lot of his previous work, Yuksek has managed to bottle up and sell disco and funk with a touch of French house, but his latest EP carries an air of sophistication that is likely aided by the addition of French band HER, who have been making some waves in the underground and mainstream world (notably for being used in the latest Apple commercial). The title track, “Sweet Addiction” is slower than the others, but where it lacks energy (in comparison to the other, more dance-attuned pieces like “Make It Easy” and “Golden Age”) the song finds strength in lyrical style that adds another dimension to the piece.

The aforementioned “Make It Easy” and “Golden Age” satisfy any cravings listeners may have for dancefloor ready pieces from the brilliant DJ, while “Make It Happen” takes a slow dip. Admittedly, in the context of the entire project, this piece was a little slow to get through, but was quickly revived with “Switch Addiction,” easily a highlight within the EP for its creative production and slightly more experimental nature(in the context of Yuksek’s style).

It’s surprising to look back at some of Yuksek’s earlier work and to then listen to his latest EP. His mastery of chord structure and basslines elegantly display how much the talented artist has learned over the years. Sweet Addiction is his strongest and most mature release to date, and although impossible to tell, could be a strong contender as a classic in the future.

Purchase Sweet Addiction here.