Dengue Dengue Dengue release another stellar track off upcoming ‘Siete Raíces’

Dengue Dengue Dengue‘s upcoming album has been on our radar, and with each release giving us a clue to what’s to come, we’re devouring every minute of the two singles we’ve been able to hear thus far. Keeping with the moody, experimental feel “Guarida” (the previously released single), the newest drop is called ‘The Enemy,’ and was inspired by a night out with DJ Earl, of Teklife fame.

Blending influences of footwork with their own style, the resulting work still brings the eery style of DDD, but with a faster pace than we might be used to by them. The Peruvian duo know how to effortlessly transform the footwork-influenced beat into something that is tangentially related to the genre, but sounds entirely of their own caliber.

Siete Raíces will be out June 24th via esteemed Portuguese record label Enchufada. Check out the track below and pre-order the album via iTunes.

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