Dean Blunt Directs Video For Danish Indie Band

Ex-Hype Williams artist/prankster/media assassin Dean Blunt has directed a monochrome video for Copenhagen quartet Lower. Blunt’s take on ‘At The Endless Party’ from the group’s ‘I’m A Lazy Son… But I’m The Only Son’ EP (Matador Records) is one of five videos by five different artists, each tackling a different song from the EP. Blunt also appears in the video smoking and… well, that’s about it.

The other participating artists are Rirkrit Tiravanija, Jonathan Horowitz, Magnus Anderson and Lasse Latz.

According to the band, “Without any guidelines or dogmas we threw our music out into the world.  It landed in the hands of five artists and the result is an uncompromised audio-visual intersection of big budget violence, poetry, handbags, straight-laced rituals, and endless parties.  From this EP you can expect the tale of a son who represents the spirit of his time; Stories from a world that lacks both glamour and spirituality; White flags, champagne and human emotion; Ugly manners, double-crossing and a world that just won’t wait. You can expect something real.”

Watch the video:

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