Antoine Chambe – Riverside LP

Refined synth-pop producer Antoine Chambe has shared his hotly anticipated album Riverside today along with its Calfornia-loving music video for LP song ‘Dangerous (ft. Lucas Cozy)’, directed by César Tresca. A fitting soundtrack for warm summer heat and trips to the seaside, let your mind unwind with this 12-track journey of love, forgiveness, and hope.

Stream/ download: Riverside LP

Antoine Chambe shared insight on how the album came together:  “Riverside is the result of a 3 years work and a 6 months stay in Riverside, CA (USA). In this album, I’ve tried to reunite all my musical tastes with some disco, pop and electro in order to create a sweet and melodic Californian vibe. The beginning of the album is taking place at the Golden Hour and it ends at ‘Midnight’. All along this album, I had the luck to work with famous artists such as Cimo Frankël, Jimmy Burney… but also with talented upcoming bands (Helsa, Tomode) and even with my little sister Juliette (on ‘Imagine’).”

Featured song ‘Do U Ever’ featuring vocals by Cimo Frankël is a groove-laden and thrillingly electronic-infused listen with lyrics focused on hope, second chances, and new beginnings. Carrying on thoughts of recovering from what you thought was goodbye for good, ‘Greenlight (feat. Romy Dya)’ carries a hopeful and flirty tone. 

‘Breathing Underwater (ft. Jimmy Burney)’ takes a different direction atmosphere-wise, and we are not made at the shift. With emotionally in touch lyrics that dwell on a relationship that could be bad for your health makes it a thought-provoking listen. Antoine previously shared: “I’m a big fan of the mix between clean French Touch beats and US Pop / R&B vocals. I’m very inspired by the collaborations between legendary French Touch producers such as Daft Punk, Kavinsky, and Busy P with pop world stars like The Weeknd, and Pharrell Williams… I’ve always wanted to try something in that style at my level. Recently I had the huge opportunity to feat. with the Grammy Nominated singer Jimmy Burney who has the perfect voice for that kind of music so I’ve given it a shot and I had so much fun doing it. Fun fact, while producing it the studio was struck by lightning so maybe it is a sign!”

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       Image credit: Nicolas Burlot