Cover Review: ††† (Crosses) Return With A Distinct Take On Cause & Effects’ ‘The Beginning Of The End’

††† (Crosses) | The Beginning Of The End (cover of Cause & Effect) | BMG Rights Management / Rise Records

Release Date: 25 December, 2020

A side project of Deftones frontman Chino Moreno; ††† (Crosses) explores the distinct and signature vocal stylings of Moreno that he is most celebrated for, a trait which carries over into his works that allow for an experience that is both recognisable and refreshing at the same time – with ††† (Crosses) shimmering in a more electronic-based manner. 

††† (Crosses) is perhaps one of Moreno’s lesser known projects akin to others such as Team Sleep and Palms, and while most active with the beloved and iconic Sacramento alternative rock band Deftones – the latter mentioned projects are certainly not to be taken lightly or disregarded especially as we see the musical prowess in ††† (Crosses) demonstrated in their latest release.

Returning after 6 years of silence since their 2014 self-titled album – the band has released a new single ‘The Beginning Of The End’ serving as a unique cover of ’90s electro-pop group Cause & Effect, releasing as a surprise drop on Christmas Day in 2020.

The introduction to ‘The Beginning Of The End’ is ripe with animation; a playful spirit living with the upbeat melodic tune carries with it the loving hint of nostalgia. In a theatrical turn, a double percussive strike subverts expectation; doused in an immersive atmosphere, resonant and echoic in its delay. A steady, confident and lush synthesizer beat oscillates as the melody from the introduction has sprouted in a manner louder and more pronounced, with the tempo of the track allowing for a strong pull of anticipation. 

As the rich reverberation of Moreno’s vocals enter, his soulful expression intertwines with a foreboding cinematic aura; the introductory melody glitters as a vivid pull in its focused repetition. We see Moreno’s signature style burst into theatrics as the percussive strikes lead into the overwhelm of layered, electronic theatrics – the emotional belt in the form of a guitar exuding post-rock-esque tremolo as a lavish, cinematic timbre.

Twinkling textures dance effortlessly within the starry luminous soundscape, moving between nostalgic electro-pop, retro minimalism and the bold, powerful glow of Moreno’s beautifully dramatic instrumental breaks. The strong, confident percussion and driving beats along with Moreno’s remarkable vocals and the blend between the feel of the original track as well as ††† (Crosses) trademark alternative-electronic style make for an engrossing cover of ‘The Beginning Of The End’.

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