Chiara Dubey unveils single ‘Spirit Guide’, off her upcoming album CHANDANI

Chiara Dubey unveiled ‘Spirit Guide’, the third single from her highly anticipated album CHANDANI, on June 6, 2024, via Livana Music. This mesmerizing track marks a collaboration with acclaimed composer Robot Koch and his ambient project Foam and Sand, blending ethereal vocals with immersive sonic landscapes.

Originally from Berlin and now based in Los Angeles, Robot Koch has forged a distinguished career spanning multiple albums and over 100 million streams. Known for fusing electronic, ambient, and modern classical influences, his music features prominently in films, TV shows, and immersive AV experiences worldwide. His ambient project, Foam and Sand, explores the convergence of science and spirituality, drawing comparisons to ambient pioneers like Harold Budd and early Sigur Rós. Chiara Dubey has swiftly ascended in the music industry since her debut album under Livana Music, garnering strong support from European radio and TV stations. She has also sold out performances at prestigious events such as Music On Ice and Isole Brissago.

‘Spirit Guide’ weaves lingering melodies with contemporary electronic elements, crafting an ethereal and evocative atmosphere. It opens with tranquil piano notes that evoke intimacy and introspection, complemented by Chiara Dubey‘s delicate vocal lines guiding listeners through enchanting, mystical landscapes. As the composition unfolds, layers of synthesizers and subtle percussion gradually intensify, imbuing the piece with depth and allure. ‘Spirit Guide’ offers a unique sonic odyssey of introspection and transcendence, inviting listeners on an imaginative journey.



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