Catch the Rush Hour 20th Anniversary World Tour

A world tour will kick off next month, to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of famed Amsterdam label, record shop and distributor Rush Hour.

Rush Hour co-founder Antal and Hunee have confirmed slots at the opening event in Japan at Rainbow Disco Club festival, where they’ll be joined by Sadar Bahar and San Proper. Other acts that have been confirmed for the tour are Soichi Terada, Daphni, DJ Okapi, Interstellar Funk and Wally Badarou..

Founded in 1997, Rush Hour began as a mail-order record store, importing obscure music from around the globe. These humble beginnings eventually led to the start of the label, which saw its first release in 2000. Today Rush Hour has a global following, and a reputation as an outlet that continues to release a mix of local and international talent.

Only four dates have been released so far for the tour, but more will be released in 2017.

Tour Dates:
3 May – Rainbow Disco Club @ Higashi Izu Cross Country Course, Chubu, Japan
7 May – 20 years OF Rush Hour @ Troopcafe, Kobe, Japan
25 Jun – Strange Sounds From Beyond 2017 @ Noorderlicht, Amsterdam, Netherlands
1 Jul – Macki Music Festival @ Parc de Carrières-sur-Seine, Paris
30 Aug – Dimensions Festival 2017 @ Fort Punta Christo, Croatia

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