Q+A: Five minutes with Fatima Hajji ahead of Brunch Electronik Festival

With the electric energy of the dancefloor in her veins, Fatima Hajji lets it all flow on stage and in the studio. The young Spanish DJ, composer, and entrepreneur has risen as a dominant force in the electronic music world. Founder of her label platform SILVER M and hosting events in Ibiza, Amsterdam, and Barcelona, Hajji’s talent for selecting club music and commanding packed dance floors is unmatched. For almost two decades, she has led the dance music scene across Europe, gracing festivals like Tomorrowland, Awakenings, and Nature One, while spreading her infectious grooves and boundless energy worldwide. Next up for Hajji is a set at Brunch Electronik’s inaugural three day festival, where she hopes to celebrate the diversity of Brunch’s audience and the unifying force of dance music. We caught up with Hajji ahead of her set to find out what’s in store, and how she prepares to put on a show.



Can you tell us about your current projects and collaborations? What are you working on right now?

Right now, I’m focusing on my second album. It’s almost finished, but with last year’s busy schedule, I am not finding so much time to stay at the studio and clear my mind to achieve this. Every time I have some time to open the project, new ideas come and I try to refine it a bit more. The good thing is that there is no deadline, so I just follow my instincts and when I’m totally satisfied with the sound I will release it.

How do you prepare for a festival set like Brunch Electronik Festival? Could you share some insights into your creative process and how you curate your sets?

During the week I’m constantly looking for new music to keep my set fresh and innovative. These days there is loads of high quality music being released every day, but I need a lot of time to dig into it just to find what fits in my sets. So it’s hard work, but the reward of finding new stuff is worth the time invested. Once I have the new music, I test which tracks combine better to be mixed with others, new and not new stuff, different variations to prepare different options for when I’m playing for the crowd. The target is to have them dancing hard and having a great time all together.

What can we expect from your set at Brunch Electronik Festival? Are there any particular tracks or surprises you have planned for the audience?

If I revealed that, it would not be a surprise anymore! What people can expect will be a big amount of energy and loads of positive vibes. That’s exactly what I felt on my last time at Brunch in the Park and for the festival, I will do my best to feed back those positive feelings.

As an experienced DJ, what elements do you consider when selecting tracks for a festival set? How do you ensure a cohesive and energetic flow throughout your performance?

The main idea is to have the crowd dancing and smiling, so I try to push them to dance with hard bass but never forget to bring melodic moments to let them breathe and recover. My sets are not only for the fans of hard techno, but for everyone that is open minded to different styles and want to have an energetic dance experience.

Are there any specific challenges or considerations you face when performing at larger outdoor festivals like Brunch Electronik Festival? How do you adapt your style to engage with the crowd in such a setting?

Luckily for me, most of the audience knows what they are gonna listen to. Hard but grooving bass interspersed with more emotive melodics. There is a bit for everyone and I like to see the audience reaction to the tracks I’m playing to choose which direction I should drive the set. It’s an energy circle that we make, and all is about having fun and feeling the vibe.


Brunch Electronik Festival is known for its diverse and enthusiastic audience, and this is their inaugural three-day festival. How do you approach connecting with the crowd during your set and creating an immersive experience for them?

One of my favourite things about Barcelona specifically about Brunch is the diversity. It’s exactly what it looked like at the beginning of the electronic movement – no dress code, no social distinctions , just different people gathering together and loving music together. The atmosphere created by the Brunch team is one of the best I know, and I’m really glad to be part of it. The connection came organically, I just play what makes me happy and what makes me dance and if I see the people getting into that state I just unleash my power. I can not explain with words it should be better to come an experience it

Finally, what message or feeling do you hope to convey through your music at Brunch Electronik Festival? Is there a specific vibe or emotion you aim to evoke in the audience during your set?

Happiness and unity. Life is sometimes complicated but always a marvellous gift. We need to disconnect from daily reality, clear our minds and have fun with each other as part of the same one thing. It’s like a portal to unity, all of us are equal while dancing and this is a beautiful start of what we can be when we are together.


Brunch Electronik Festival takes place in Barcelona from 11-13 August, 2023. For tickets and further info, head to https://festival.brunchelectronik.com/