Burial, Kode9 – Phoneglow / Eyes Go Blank

Burial and Kode9’s latest split EP, Phoneglow / Eyes Go Blank, marks a significant, if somewhat contentious, moment in the evolution of both artists’ sounds. While paying homage to their UK electronic music roots, this release also highlights a potential creative tension, particularly in Burial’s work.


The polarisation caused by Burial’s ambient works like Antidawn were, in many ways, a testament to his willingness to challenge both himself and his audience. Phoneglow represents a notable return to more rhythmic territory after his recent, divisive forays into ambient soundscapes. While this pivot may please fans who yearned for his earlier, beat-driven work, it raises questions about artistic growth and the pressure to conform to audience expectations. The track undeniably showcases Burial’s prowess in blending spectral atmospheres with pulsating 2-step beats, cleverly incorporating a pitched-up R&B sample and ravey elements.



In contrast, Kode9’s Eyes Go Blank maintains a clearer trajectory of artistic development. The track is a relentless, technically impressive piece that prioritises physical impact over emotional resonance. Its labyrinthine construction of razor-sharp breakbeats and aggressive basslines showcases Kode9’s unwavering commitment to pushing sonic boundaries.


The juxtaposition of Burial’s melancholic, ethereal approach with Kode9’s muscular, physical style creates a compelling dynamic that has long been a hallmark of their collaborations. Phoneglow / Eyes Go Blank will undoubtedly satisfy many long-time fans, particularly those who found Burial’s ambient explorations challenging. The EP serves as a testament to their continued relevance and innovation in the UK electronic music landscape, reaffirming Burial and Kode9’s positions as pioneers who continue to shape the future of electronic music while remaining deeply connected to its past.


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