Benga reappears and it’s obvious he is ready to “Make Moves”

Benga has been away from the public eye for a minute, spending a large portion of his time away from the limelight working on his mental health, as well as advocating for better education on mental illness in the entertainment industry. We’re glad he’s taken his time to focus on his betterment, and we’re equally excited to find that he’s ready to make music for the public again.

With his newest track “Make Moves,” the artist seems stronger and more confident than ever. While still keeping that signature je ne sais quoi that makes Benga so unique, the track is different than what old-school Benga fans may be expecting. Regardless, this is a track all electronic music fans will be able to enjoy.

Benga is back, ladies and gentlemen. Pre-orders for both digital and vinyl copies can be found here.

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