L’itch are redefining Noise Rock with their fearless and daring take on the genre. The band are part of the renowned Toutpartout agency roster, and have already supported bands such as PSYCHONAUT, Ronker, and Pothamus

Released on 19 June 2024, ‘Little Fool’ sees the band showcase their enormous talent through the creation of compelling hooks, rumbling basslines and grand vocals. L’itch are influenced by Kid Kapichi, Queens of the Stone Age and STONE. The band consists of Sander Blok on drums, Jeroen De Vos on bass, Kobe Walleghem on guitar, and Sander Rom on guitar and vocals. 

Their debut album, A Numbers Game will be released on 10 October 2024. They’ve set their sights on changing the sound of modern rock and with ‘Little Fool’, they’re well on their way. 

Sander Rom shares, “‘Little Fool’ came out of nowhere. I kept chewing on a whole batch of bad ideas, but at some point after my millionth coffee, I heard a hook echoing in my mind. I ran back to my guitar and poured it out in seconds. It’s one of my favorite writing moments of my life.”


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